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All about diving

Role: Design Consultant

Company: Bluucorner

Medium: Web

Bluucorner caters to all your scuba-diving needs -- from exploration, to researching destinations,  to booking management.

Main Goals

  • Recommend an overall website structure and layout, to accommodate all the various site functions

  • Clearly articulate the hierarchy of information within each page, offering suggestions on how to effectively display / combine different types of information

  • Deliver visual guidelines for developer implementation


With the abundance of useful information presented to the user, it was paramount to organize and present the information in a simple, cohesive, and easy-to-navigate manner. 


Along the way, I also recommended some brand refresh elements to upgrade the look and feel of the website. With such vibrant and beautiful imagery, I believed that the usage of color should be intentional and complementary.



Rethinking how information could be organized



The layout lacked hierarchy, focus and navigation

Interactive Prototype

Updated navigation, information hierarchy, layout and brand styling

*Click on the hotspots to go through prototype

High Fidelity Mockups

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