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My name is Bowie - born in Kobe, raised in Hong Kong, I graduated with honors at Parsons, the New School for Design in New York, majoring in Strategic Design & Management.


My love for design started young, and has grown incredibly over the years. I believe that well-designed products can transform communities, industries, and make everyday life better. 

Currently based in New York City, I'm a Product Design Lead at Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking, and previously a Product Manager/Designer hybrid at Point72. 

Outside of work, I love to..

🌶️  Cook spicy food 

Chili peppers belong in every meal in our household!

🏐 Play volleyball

Team sports > gym workout, always

🗺️ Planning travel itineraries around good food

I refuse to wander into a random restaurant..

 Arsenal FC Fan

Living in London was the best - I got to watch them play at the Emirates all the time

🖋️ Help friends bring their vision to life

I've collaborated with many talented friends and entrepreneurs to design their branding!


Check out my resume for more information!

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