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Tenami is a content marketplace for creators (specifically on Youtube and Twitch). Creators (buyers) can rent their favorite TV shows and movies for livestreams from content distributors (sellers). Tenami further helps creators grow their platform by offering community subscriptions, a feature where watchers can subscribe monthly (think: Patreon), to support the Creator.


My Role

As an early stage startup, I worked with the founder/CEO to:

  • Define basic brand guidelines & cohesive design language at each touchpoint (pre- and post- login experiences)

  • Define the end user journey

  • Provide UX recommendations

  • Complete UI mockups for key screens

  • Create clickable prototypes to demonstrate important functionality/interactions

  • Conduct Visual QA testing & feedback


As a marketplace, there are multiple users on the platform.

  1. Media content distributors (Sellers)

  2. Youtube/Twitch Creators (Buyers)

  3. Subscribers of Creators (Followers)

Tenami User Journey.png

Seller: Content Managers

Content managers work at production studios and have a plethora of produced content that can be licensed. Once that content library has been uploaded to Tenami, the content manager can create a license for each piece of content.

Content Manager.gif

Creator: Browsing Content to License

The Youtube/Twitch creator can go on Tenami to browse all the content available for licensing. They will be able to see the basics of each license, ie. profit sharing with the original media studio.

Browsing - Filter View.gif

Creator: Add Content to Collection

Creators can add content to their collection, which is essentially a bookmarked list of favorites. These may be videos that they need a license now, or potentially in the future.

Browsing - Add to Collection.gif

Creator: Connect Content License to Youtube/Twitch Video

Creators can purchase a license and connect that piece of content to an existing video or upcoming livestream. Once the payment is successful, the license is activated.

Connect License to Video.gif

Follower: Subscription Experience

Followers can support their favorite content creators by purchasing a monthly subscription or make a one-time donation. The proceeds that come from subscriptions and donations are stored in the Creator's Tenami wallet, which they can cash out, or use to purchase new media content licenses.

Subscription Experience.png
Landing Page.png

Revamp of Tenami Homepage

Defined the color palette, layout, imagery, graphics and copy.

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